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Komodo among New7Wonders top seven finalists

Posted on: December 17, 2011

Komodo National Park finished in the top seven finalists in the New7Wonders campaign, according to a interim tally on the New7Wonders Foundation’s website.

Official voting closed on Friday at around 11 a.m. GMT.

The other interim winners include the Amazon Rainforest in South America, Halong Bay in Vietnam, Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazilian state of Parana and Argentine province of Misiones, Jeju Island in Korea, Puerto Princesa Underground River in the Philippines and Table Mountain in South Africa.

The foundation said that SMS votes submitted in each country were still being tallied and that the results could still change during the verification process.

The foundation announced the seven winners alphabetically, pending a final ranking based on their scores.

The winners will be officially announced at a ceremony in early 2012.



Komodo National Park in Pulau Komodo, Indonesia, is undeniably be the only place on earth where Komodo Dragon lives for hundreds of years. Like many other world wonders in the world, such particular place would be well-known by it famous state achieved, which mean, there’s no other places having a same condition to such, or, no comparison, in short.

The voting process conducted by New7Wonders Foundation did not having ultimate fairness for it is not widely known by public all over the world. Though the foundation claimed that they’re having the office in Switzerland, once mentioned in a news that the foundation have an unclear validity status. Therefore, the Government of Indonesia through it’s embassy in Switzerland has conducted an investigation on a validity status of New7Wonders Foundation. The investigation resulted with consideration that New7Wonders Foundation was established in Panama, having office in Switzerland, and the lawyers are in England. However, the investigation also found out that the public or citizen of Switzerland does not recognize the existence of New7Wonders Foundation.

Previously, some of the places included in the well-publicly-known “The Wonders of the World” were compiled by UNESCO; one organization under the United Nations dedicated to peace, safety and conservation, whereas, others were compiled by the media and public opinion. All these places of wonders including the ancient, modern, as well as natural wonders of the world, it is all be worthy to be visited.

1 Response to "Komodo among New7Wonders top seven finalists"

yeah I agree with you, I hope Komodo National Park can be the new 7 wonders. so indonesia can be better known by the world.

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